St Finians Bay

St. Finian's Bay is well worth a visit. It lies about halfway around the Skellig Ring which means you will have fantastic views there and back. Strictly speaking, the Skellig Ring is not really part of the official Ring of Kerry but don't let that stop you from exploring it while you are here. Travel east from Portmagee on the R567. St. Finian’s Bay is also known locally as the Glen and goes from Puffin Island in the North to Duchalla Head in the South. The Skellig Rocks and the Lemon Rock lie in St. Finian's Bay.

The beach is lovely and has great surf so perfect for the water sports enthusiast. There is also a pier which is often used by boats for diving expeditions.

After your exertions, you can reward yourself with a visit to the local Skelligs Chocolate, Yum!