The storms that wreaked havoc on Ireland and the UK in January 2014 changed the face of the coastline. The force of the storm shifted sands and boulders striping beaches in one area only to deposit the material in another. Indeed new islands appeared at low tide and features of Ireland's rugged coastline and Wild Atlantic Way were revealed for the first time in living memory.

One such sight is the remains of a prehistoric forest at Reen Roe beach in Ballinskelligs (also known as Reen Rua and Rinroe).

This petrified forest is thought to be about 4,000 years old and are all that remains of the pine and oak forests that covered these parts before the woodlands were cleared for agriculture. The presence of these ancient tree stumps also indicate that sea levels were much lower at that time.

This remnant of an ancient forest may well be again submerged beneath the sands of time in a matter of months. Take a look at our video and photos below in case you've missed them!

 Reen Roe prehistoric tree stumpsThe beauty of the elements - Wood, Water and Earth


4000 year old petrified forest revealed by storm in Kerry4000 year old petrified forest revealed by storm in Kerry


Ancient forest remains on The Ring of KerryAncient forest remains on The Ring of Kerry