Reenagross Park Kenmare

Reenagross Park is a little park on the banks of the Roughty River in Kenmare and is well worth a visit. It has walkways that lead you past the shores of Kenmare Bay and is the kind of place you would expect to find a fine old Victorian house called Kenmare House or Kenmare Lodge. Not so, however, within this small forest, you will come across many fine views that will take your breath away. The main entrance to the park is on the Kenmare side of the suspension bridge across from Pier Road. As you walk towards the park there is a high wall on your right and on the left the beautiful Kenmare Park hotel.

Reenagross Park derives its name from its Irish name which translates as "The Headland of The Crosses" or "The Muddy Point". It is a park that was developed by the Marquis of Landsdowne from a sandbank and a waterlogged piece of his estate, almost 200 years ago. Today the park is a testament to his foresight.