Dunkerron Castle

The ruins of Dunkerron castle can be found 2 miles west of the town of Kenmare on the Sneem Road. It's not easy to find even for a local, (in truth it’s very hard to find), and walking boots are recommended. First, locate “Dunkerron Holiday Homes” and you will find the castle behind the holiday homes.

The castle stands on a huge rock and for centuries was the stronghold of the O'Sullivans. The O’Sullivan clan was very prominent in Kerry and to this day the “O’Sullivan” name is very common in Kerry. The Castle was built in 1596 and even though it is now in poor shape it is still quite remarkable and striking. From looking at the one remaining wall you can still get a feeling of strength and dominance from this ruin. If you are in Kenmare then it's well worth a visit.